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The GATORTAPE® is like no other tape measure. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, along with our Snout Lock Technology, the GATORTAPE® makes measuring easy for everyone. Offering a 25mm wide and 5m long blade gives you a 2.2m/7FT+ Standout.

Our Uniquely designed CLASS 1 Blades and Top Viewing Window makes every measurement deadly accurate, reassuring you the measurement is true. The GATORTAPE® is a one-of-a-kind tool which all trades and DIYers can use!

GATORTAPE® is available in Metric only and we also stock a range of GATORTAPE® accessories such as the GATORTAPE® Curtain Claw and the GATORTAPE® Holster or you can purchase all three and save €€€.

Key Features

  • Top Mounted Window

    When designing the Gatortape we wanted to make measuring easy. Extending the blade, the measurement is clearly displayed in the viewing window and can be estimated to fractions of a millimetre

  • Stable Back Plate

    When taking accurate measurements, you need to ensure that you are taking measurements perpendicular to the measuring surface, that's why we designed the back plate to ensure this. The back plate also allows the Gatortape to self support for vertical measurements

  • Powerful Snout Lock

    Locking in a measurement can sometimes be a pain, the design of the Gatortape ensures the body is always sitting comfortably in your hand with a finger on the snout to lock in the measurement.

  • High Visibility Blade Design

    Accuracy is at the heart of Gatortape and you can always be sure of the reading with Class 1 precision (+/- 1.1mm over 10m) and bright high visibility markings on a black background making everything as clear as can be.

  • Points Of Measurement

    The Gatortape comes into its own when taking internal measurements, placing the back plate against one surface and extending the blade to the other takes the guess work out of internal measurements. This is not to say it cant be used like a normal tape measure and it's true zero tip allows for external measurements too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We mainly ship throughout Ireland but can also ship to the UK and some Mainland European countries. Please take a look at our shipping policy for more details.

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All of our items are covered by our 90-day warranty but are subject to normal operating use. See Return Policy for more information on returns.


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To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition you received it. In addition, your item must be in its original packaging.

Your item needs to have the receipt or proof of purchase

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Gatortape is not responsible for tape measures that have had prolonged use or that show damage resulting from excessive wear, misuse, abuse, accident, or alteration of this product. Gatortape tape measures are inspected and tested before shipment and are believed to be free from defects in artistry and material. This sheet will help you to determine if a tape measure is defective and should be replaced free of charge.

To help keep your tape measure in good working order and extend its useful life, I've included the PDF on caring for your Gatortape.



A tape measure showing defects in material or artistry like those shown below will be replaced free of charge. Please contact, where I've included your original invoice and a picture and description. We reserve the right to request additional photos and may send a return label for returning them to us for quality control purposes.

Missing Hook Rivets
Rivets missing from the hook tip
Broken Spring; Blade Will Not Retract
The ruler shows little or no wear, no signs of abuse — but the blade will not retract into the case or wants to feed itself out of the case mouth.
Defective Component
The ruler shows little or no wear and no signs of abuse — but one of its components is broken or will not function correctly.
Blade Coating Missing
New, never used tape measures without the Lacquer coating within the first 3 or 6 inches of the blade.



Tape measures indicating hard wear or showing damage from an accident or misuse will not be replaced free of charge. The examples shown below are examples of conditions not covered by warranty.


Rusty Blade or Hook

Rust and corrosion on the blade or hook indicate that the tape measure has been exposed to moisture for long periods.
Foreign Material on Blade or in Case
Foreign material coating the blade or contaminating the case interior will interfere with tape measure operation.
Torn or Damaged Blade
Blade torn by retracting at high speed, broken by being stepped on or accidentally cut by a power tool.
Worn Out Beyond Expected Life
Bare metal showing on the blade; excessive wear on the case exterior indicates that the tape measure is worn out.
Mistreated or Abused
Broken parts, cracked cases, and twisted or badly kinked blades indicate that the tape measure has been abused.

A well cared for Gatortape is a happy Gatortape and a happy Gatortape will live a long and happy life. Follow these tips so your Gatortape doesn't get snappy!!



When extending or recoiling the blade ensure your finger or thumb is not resting on the locking mechanism as this can prematurely wear the legend, we recommend ensuring your finger or thumb is on the unlock button whilst extending or retracting the blade



Blade is protected by a lacquer coating, but dirt, sand, drywall dust or metal chips can scratch through or wear away the protective layer. Wipe the blade clean frequently when working with gritty materials. Sticky roofing tar and glues can ruin the winding action of your tape measure.



Moisture left on the blade will work its way into the spring motor and rust will follow. Wipe the blade dry after working in wet environments. Beware of solvents; some will attack the lacquer coating or melt the protective skin. Use only mineral spirits or alcohol to remove tar or glue.



Don’t let the blade recoil at high speed; it will strike the case with the force of a hammer blow and the whipping action can damage the blade, cut or pinch your finger. Practice slowing the blade with your other hand.



The hook slides to accommodate inside and outside measurements, helping you avoid errors due to the thickness of the hook. Clinching the rivets will make the hook inaccurate.



Beware of sharp corners. Stepping on the blade will almost always cause damage. Pulling the tape over a sharp edge may create a kinked or twisted blade. Continual flexing of these kinks, when the blade rewinds into the case, will eventually break the blade.



The hook can be snared easily on cracks, exposed nail heads, and the like. Take care to dislodge the hook before pulling sharply on the blade. Otherwise, you might bend the hook or cause the blade to kink or tear.

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